Metamorphosis at Huangshan

Move my side to a new host and so I can feel safe about updating.  Probably start a new design for a new portfolio soon and keep this one around as a back-up.  The portfolio will not have my writings and be focused more on the visual arts. Working on new art, some little art trades, ...


Dear Passing Glance, Starting to end. The sky is darkening behind the silhouettes of the cottonwoods outside my window.  Nothing is really working when nothing is in my control.  His eyes avoid; when they used to see only me.  Turning my back, my heart is alive for just a moment ...

A color pencil drawing of Rudolf Nureyev

I'll complain to you:  been working too long and the lack of sleep is affecting how much input is spent into drawing or likewise into fully comprehending what I am studying.  Overall it's meaningless because who is there to share any of this with?  People are so phony or pretend with ...

An illustration of samurai

Dear Ending, I find it hard to imagine my thoughts matter to anyone; everyone has their own set of good friends. But I remember the last meaningful moment with you: The Ending. The lights from the stage made it possible to see your expression, like a silhouette in a dream, yet the music ...

A drawing of Gackt

I woke up after having a strange dream where a plant was growing out of my head as I looked in mirror.  The reflection did not resemble myself, but how can I expect to know what my mask is?  How complex something so small  -- my eye for instance, so complex, more complicated than the ...

Jaejoong Kim Graphite Drawing
A vexel of Kim Jaejoong
A drawing of Gackt
A drawing of Jaejoong Kim
A drawing of Gackt